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Product safety and handling information.
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  1. questionShipping Restrictions
    Introduction Permanent magnets produce their own persistent, unsupported magnetic field. Magnetic fields are potentially hazardous, as they may: disrupt freight carrier electronic tracking/handling equipment. cause damage to other articles and products being shipped in its proximity. interfe ...

  2. questionMagnets & Personal Safety
    Magnets can present a grave risk of bodily harm in many ways, as outlined below. The risks can vary with each type and size of magnet. Crushing Risk Many magnets, particularly Rare Earth magnets, can have pulling strengths measuring hundreds of kilograms of force. Uncontrolled magnets can att ...

  3. questionHow to Separate Your Magnets
    Handle carefully when bringing two magnets together; be prepared for the force of attraction to increase quickly and dramatically when drawing closer. Be careful that you do not pinch or trap your fingers! Step 1. Move all metal objects away. Place magnets on a desk or workbench, with a single ...

  4. questionCare of your Ferrite Magnets
    Important product safety information relating to Ferrite magnets. Ferrite is a heavy, economical material produced using a combination of Iron, Zinc, Barium and/or Strontium. Due to the sintering process of manufacturing, special care must be taken to ensure safety when handling or storing th ...

  5. questionCare of your Rare Earth Magnets
    Important product safety information relating to Rare Earth magnets. Your Rare Earth magnet is the most advanced permanent magnet available. Due to its power and composition, special care must be taken to ensure appropriate safety when handling or storing these magnets. Mechanical Shock: ...