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Freight carriage info and restrictions.
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  1. questionShipping Charges
    How much will shipping cost? To see shipping costs for your order, simply add your magnets to your shopping cart, then enter your country and postcode to see an estimate. If you're concerned about the cost of shipping, please contact Aussie Magnets directly. Our cost calculations a ...

  2. questionShipping Restrictions
    Introduction Permanent magnets produce their own persistent, unsupported magnetic field. Magnetic fields are potentially hazardous, as they may: disrupt freight carrier electronic tracking/handling equipment. cause damage to other articles and products being shipped in its proximity. interfe ...

  3. questionReturns & Refunds
    At Aussie Magnets, we guarantee our customers the best quality magnetic components for industrial, commercial, scientific and engineering purposes. Our products are carefully inspected to ensure they are free from manufacturing defects and meet our very high quality standards, and are always ...