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Attaching Magnets in Your Design
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30th of March, 2012

If you need to fasten a magnet to your design or device, you can use either mechanical or adhesive-based methods.


Some types of magnets, such as our Pot magnets, are specially designed to allow for easy attaching, as they feature threads, hooks, countersunk holes, etc.


For applications incorporating fabrics or similar materials, you might consider sewing/hemming the magnet into the fabric. Note this method will not work with flexible rubber magnets!


If there is no structure to attach the magnet to, consider using adhesives. You'll need to consider the type of surface the magnet is being attached to when considering what type of adhesive to use. If the surface is uneven, an adhesive with plenty of "body" will be needed so that it conforms to the uneven surface.

In general, we recommend a two-part epoxy glue (such as Araldite) for most applications.

No single adhesive is perfect, and you'll need to select one that is suited to your design. As with all adhesive applications, ensure that the surfaces being bonded are clean and dry before using the glue.

For an in-depth look at gluing magnets, refer to Using Glue with Magnets.


Some of our flexible magnets feature a 3M self-adhesive to allow for easy attaching.

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