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Poles & Directions of Magnetism
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16th of March, 2012

Our magnets can be magnetised across any axis, hence allowing them to be used to different effect. The 'Direction of Magnetism' determines on which side of the magnet the north and south poles appear.

Here are our most common directions of magnetism:

 Axially Magnetised through thickness


Diametrically Magnetised through diameter


Magnetised through thickness


For Discs, Rods, Pots & Rings.

For Discs, Rods, Pots & Rings.

 For Blocks, Bars &Cubes.

Magnetic Poles are the surfaces from which the invisible lines of magnetic flux emanate and connect on return to the magnet. When allowed to rotate freely, the 'North' pole of a magnet will seek the North Pole of the Earth, and likewise the 'South' pole of a magnet will align with the South Pole of the Earth.

Where required, we can identify the poles of your magnets, or you can identify them yourself using our Polarity Identifiers. Some of our magnets feature North Pole Dots which indicate the North Pole of a magnet. If this feature is essential to you, contact us to find out which magnets feature north pole dots.

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