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Returns & Refunds
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23rd of March, 2012

At Aussie Magnets, we guarantee our customers the best quality magnetic components for industrial, commercial, scientific and engineering purposes.

Our products are carefully inspected to ensure they are free from manufacturing defects and meet our very high quality standards, and are always re-checked prior to shipment.

The magnetic properties of our items can be vastly altered or diminished through rough handling, temperature variations, drilling, cutting, exposure to other materials, etc. At Aussie Magnets, our products are carefully protected and stored in a climate-controlled environment, and we diligently pack every order to ensure it arrives at its end destination safely and securely.

Once an order is in your hands, we can no longer guarantee our clients that a specific scientific measurement or quality of an item has been maintained. To this end, we cannot accept the return or exchange of items.

In the unlikely event that a product is faulty, you may return the item to Aussie Magnets for testing. If the item fails our quality tests, you have the option of a repair, replacement or full refund. Aussie Magnets reserves the right to reject any refund claim at its discretion.

Read more about our return policy in our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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