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Shipping Charges
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20th of November, 2019

How much will shipping cost?

To see shipping costs for your order, simply add your magnets to your shopping cart, then enter your country and postcode to see an estimate.

If you're concerned about the cost of shipping, please contact Aussie Magnets directly, 1300 287 624.

Our cost calculations are complicated, and are based on numerous factors. These include the cargo's weight, cubing, destination, the suitability of freight carriers, the dollar value of the order, and ability to trace through the delivery network.

Orders with a high value will be shipped via a method that allows article tracking, and will be automatically covered by insurance at no extra cost to you. For most orders over $500 shipping costs can be waived upon request.

Please note that we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our freight costs, and will always pass these discounts on to our customers.

Why do they need to be shipped in big packaging?

We understand that at a glance our freight charges appear higher than expected, given the small size of the products you are ordering. We are often asked why this is so, and the simple answer is that magnets need to be shipped in big boxes and parcels.

While the actual size of the product may be relatively small, the invisible magnetic field surrounding it may be many multiples greater in size.

Magnetic fields are potentially hazardous for several reasons, namely that they may:

1. Disrupt freight carrier electronic tracking/handling equipment,

2. Cause damage to other articles and products being shipped in its proximity, and
3. Interfere with aircraft navigational instruments.

While magnets are not classified as "Dangerous Goods" per se, there is significant regulation in place to control the manner in which magnetic products are handled and shipped by freight carriers.

Read more about Shipping Restrictions...

So, what sort of packaging will my magnets arrive in?

In the vast majority of cases, your magnets will arrive in a large satchel or cardboard parcel.

Inside the packaging, your magnets will usually be encased within recycled newspaper, biodegradable bubble wrap, or polystyrene foam (or a combination of all three). Larger magnets may also need to be shipped in heavy duty metal-lined containers. Occasionally magnets may be shipped on skids or pallets.

By encasing the magnets in layers of non-ferrous wrapping material, we increase the distance between the magnet and the package exterior. This is called an "air gap". The air gap needs to be large enough that the magnetic field of the goods diminishes to near zero by the time it penetrates through to the outside environment.

Is there any way to reduce the cost of shipping?

Unfortunately not.

Rest assured we always keep our freight costs to a minimum, whilst still following the relevant regulations on magnet shipping. Safety is our utmost priority, and we will never ship products that are insufficiently packaged or which may pose a hazard. We always ship products in the cheapest, safest manner possible.

If you would like to arrange your own carrier to pick up from our Melbourne warehouse please contact us directly.
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