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Maximum Operating Temperatures
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7th of September, 2016

How much can a magnet be heated?

Our items come in several product families (Rare Earth, Ferrite, Alnico and Rubber), and have maximum operating temperatures which should not be exceeded.

The temperatures for each product family are listed as follows:

Maximum 80°c

Maximum 180°c

Maximum 550°c

Maximum 80°c

Click here to view these products online.

What happens if we go over the temperature threshold?

The strength of the magnet will begin to diminish rapidly once the maximum operating temperature threshold has been exceeded. This loss of power is permanent and irrecoverable.

At extreme temperatures, there is potential for the magnet to ignite and combust.

Which magnet has the best temperature resistance?

Our Alnico magnets are manufactured from cast steel, and have the best temperature resistance (up to 550°c).

Is it possible to increase the temperature resistance?

Magnet operating temperatures can be increased by using specialised material grades during manufacture.

For more information, see our online information resource "What are Magnet Grades?".
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