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Artwork Requirements
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Last Updated
2nd of April, 2012

Design Tips:

Your magnet is not your business card!

Take a look at this example.

In most cases, you can afford to remove information that is not immediately relevant to people when they are standing in front of their fridge, etc.

Think about your fridge magnet...

You might consider including:
  • Your trading name
  • Contact number
  • Promotional message
  • Website address
You may want to include related images, logos, the suburb/area you service, etc.

You can probably do without:
  • Your ABN
  • Registered PTY LTD name
  • Personal contact name
  • Street address
  • Fax number
  • Email address

You can really maximise the impact of your promotion by remembering that "less is more"!

While your artwork design is (of course) entirely up to you, we generally hear better feedback when you limit the amount of information on your magnet to the essentials!

File Format:

All artwork must be print-ready, in CMYK colour format.

We request artwork be supplied as vector files in one of the following formats:
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Text should be converted to lines. This can be done in Illustrator by selecting 'Type' in the toolbar, and clicking 'Create Outlines' from the drop-down menu.

Your designer can assist in preparing artwork in the appropriate format.

We also accept image files in the following formats:
  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • PNG (.png)
  • Bitmap (.bmp)
However note that we cannot guarantee maximum image clarity if artwork is submitted as an image file.

Resolution & Size:

Artwork should be supplied in correct sizing.

For vector files, resolution should not be an issue when supplied as a PDF or Adobe Illustrator file.

For image files, resolution should be set to 600dpi for text and logo art.

Maximum file size accepted is 10MB via email, and 100MB via USB or on a disc.

Bleed Area:

Artwork must be supplied with a 3mm bleed around all edges.

As a simple precaution, a further 3mm "buffer area" is suggested around internal edges before text begins.

No Artwork Borders:
During the production process, your artwork will be printed onto large sheets and then cut down to their correct individual sizes.

When the material is being cut, there is a chance the material might slip or move on either side by a small margin.

While this is completely normal and ususally un-noticeable after the print job is finished, it becomes glaringly obvious with the presence of a border!

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