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How to Separate Your Magnets
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4th of April, 2012

Handle carefully when bringing two magnets together; be prepared for the force of attraction to increase quickly and dramatically when drawing closer.

Be careful that you do not pinch or trap your fingers!

Step 1.

Move all metal objects away. Place magnets on a desk or workbench, with a single magnet overhanging the edge.


Step 2.

Hold magnets down with one hand, and use the palm of your free hand to push down on the other magnet.


Step 3.

You may need to exert strong pressure to separate. Once separated, isolate the magnet to prevent re-attraction.


Additional Information

Be careful that you do not pinch or trap your fingers.

Protective eyewear and gloves should be worn when holding, separating or handling magnets.

Where appropriate, you may also try separating magnets by forcing thin blocks of wood between individual magnets.
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