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What is Matchpull rubber?
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7th of September, 2016

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Self-Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Strip - SIGNS - FLYSCREENS - DOUBLE GLAZING

Width 12.5mm x 1.6mm Thickness x 30mtrs per roll. For non-steel surfaces use both 'A' and 'B' rolls. Matchpull "A" roll attatches strongly with 'B' roll. Features 3M 9448 adhesive.

Uses can be for sticking signs to non-steel surfaces or FLY SCREEN mesh. Ideal strip for applications: holding up posters/advertising/craft or *double-glazing [scroll down for information on double glazing]  For stronger double glazing applications refer to Item: 5270


What is Matchpull?
We developed 'Matchpull' to allow two flexible strips to attach to each other. Conventional flexible rubber will not align correctly on top of itself because the north and south magnetic poles within the rubber are repelling, causing the strip to jump off-centre. Our Matchpull A & B rolls are specifically manufactured with opposing pole lines within the magnet, hence allowing them to affix together perfectly.



How do I use Matchpull?
To connect magnetic strips to each other, purchase both an 'A' and 'B' roll matchpull strips and attach each to a separate surface. To attach strips to a steel surface (anything other than another tape), you only need to purchase an 'A' roll.



Measure the external measurements of where the acrylic is to be mounted.

The acrylic is cut to size. Two pieces of magnetic tape are attached around the perimeter of the acrylic. Do not mitre the corners.  The magnetic tape is black/brown.  Coloured edging and corner pieces can be purchased from hardware stores to attach to finish it off.

Make sure you clean the window surrounds where the acrylic is to be fitted, peel off the backing tape from the magnetic strip and in one action, firmly press the acrylic into position.

With one part of the magnetic tape permanently on the window surrounds and the other part permanently on the acrylic, the acrylic will be held into place.

When you are required to remove the acrylic, the two pieces of magnetic tape will separate and the acrylic pane can be removed and replaced.   .

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