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What are Magnet Grades?
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7th of December, 2011

Rare Earth

In rare earth neodymium magnets, the grade refers to the materials used in the production process. Material "grades" range from N27 to N52 (higher is stronger).
Some grades may be followed with a letter designation, which denotes a special increased temperature feature of a product.
M - (Max 100°C)
Meliorated temperature

H - (Max 120°C)
High temperature

SH - (Max 150°C)
Super High temperatures

UH -
(Max 180°C)
Ultra High temperature

EH - (Max 200°C)
Extremely High temperature
Generally, price escalates as the product grade rating increases.
NOTE: In accordance with our quality standards, Aussie Magnets does not stock products below N38. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Ferrite magnet products follow a similar material classification system, where "N" is replaced by one of the following letter codes:
  • "C" - (US standard)
  • "HF" - (European standard)
  • "Y" - (Chinese standard)

The "C" classification is the most commonly used Ferrite grading convention, and industry material "grades" range from C1 to C12 (higher is stronger).
NOTE: Aussie Magnets uses the "C" grading convention. In accordance with our quality standards, we do not stock products below C8. We apologise for any inconvenience.
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