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Al Nico

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Magnetic blocks suitable
for applications which require
straight edged bars.
--- Rods
Cylindrical magnets which
can be easily affixed into
drilled holes.
--- Holding Pots
Magnets encapsulated within
a protective steel casing, in
a range of options/features.
space --- space --- space






A range of old-fashioned
horseshoe magnets, used in
educational settings.


AlNiCo magnets are made by mixing aluminium, nickel and cobalt with iron and are particularly suitable for temperature sensitive applications. Al Nico is the first type of alloyed magnetic material and the oldest member of the magnet family (first developed in the early 1940's).

Because of its excellent linear temperature characteristics, high magnetic flux density and good corrosion resistance, it is used for products of all sizes, from tiny cellular telephone magnets, weighing less than one gram, to radar focusing magnets weighing twenty kilograms or more.

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Did you know?   Neo magnets are not a solid block of metal, but actually a mixture of chemical powders!  This makes them extremely powerful, but also very brittle (so don't try to machine cut them)!  For more information, read our article "What's in a magnet?" at the Help Centre.

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