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Pieces and Tabs

Self-Adhesive Tab Magnets

Magnetic Pieces (also known as "tab" magnets) are small rectangular magnets that feature a self-adhesive back, and are ideal for magnetising business cards, DL cards, calendars, menus, photos, posters or just about any small paper or cardboard object.

Our pieces are available in a number of sizes with different thickness levels. Choose your pieces based on the weight of the object you are attaching them to. For example, business cards & DL cards work well with our product #5000 (20 x 38mm pieces).

Packs:  Products are sold in packed quantities of 1000 tabs, and thus prices shown are for single packs of 1000 individual tab magnets.
Sizes:  The dimensions for pieces are Width x Length x Thickness (mm).

Attaching Service

What about attaching? Magnetic pieces are easy to attach (do it in front of the TV!), but for large quantities we can provide a bulk attaching service.

   Quantity  Attaching Service
Turnaround Time
10,000+ pcs 
Add $40.00 per thousand  5 days (approx)    
100,000+ pcs 
Add $35.00 per thousand > 7 days (approx)    
500,000+ pcs 
Price on Application  

Prices based on attaching Item #5000 (20 x 38mm pieces) to standard DL card or smaller. Turnaround times are approximate business days from receipt of your marketing materials. Additional delivery charges apply. For quantities larger than 500,000pcs, please contact us for a quotation.

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