The latest iPad - It's Magnetic!

Apple's new generation iPad's are the hottest product in the world right now, and its nifty 'Smart Cover' is generating a lot of love.

We analysed the iPad 2 + Smart Cover and discovered a total of twenty-one magnets in the cover and a further ten in the iPad itself. That's a total of 31 magnets working the magic, yet it's still totally invisible. 

This is one of the most discreet implementations we've seen for magnets. Whereas most designs will use a small number of magnets to achieve a design with a reasonable degree of precision, Apple's engineers have used an exceptional amount of magnets to ensure that the iPad and Smart Cover align perfectly first-time, every-time. And it shows- hover the cover above iPad and it simply snaps into place like magic.

We got the latest iPads on launch day and immediately set about analysing them with our magnetic viewing film. Here are the results, showing the location and relative polarisation of each magnet in iPad 2 and the Smart Cover.

Location of iPad 2's thirty-one magnets.

Hats off to Apple - we love that more and more people are experiencing the magic of magnets!

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