Magnetic Viewing Film

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N/A ?
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55mm x 85mm
Film Area:
35mm x 45mm

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Our brand new viewing film now comes in a protective flip-case and features a ruler for measuring field sizes.

Our magnetic viewing film makes it easy to identify the poles of your magnet, and is an invaluable asset in precision industries and a great classroom learning tool. See the magic of magnets! Especially useful for comparing the relative field size and pull strength of your magnets.

Magnetic viewing film is made up of millions of tiny magnetic flakes suspended in a clear oil. This oil is then sandwiched between two sheets of clear plastic. The film can then be used to "see" the patterns of magnetisation.

We used a viewing film to snoop around the new iPad, and reveal the magic behind it's nifty 'Smart Cover'. Click here to read the article "The latest iPad - It's Magnetic!".


From Wikipedia:

Magnetic field display viewing film is used to visualize magnetic fields. It is a translucent paper-like substance which makes magnetic fields visible. Most are made from a plastic film that contains a ferromagnetic slurry of fine nickel particles that align themselves along magnetic field lines.

Some varieties appear brighter green, while others turn darker black, when in the presence of perpendicular field lines. This enables visualization of the field strength and behavior.

The general principle of operation is that magnetizable nickel particles are suspended in a collodial form in a gelatinous material. This allows enough freedom for the particles to align with an externally applied magnetic field - thereby displacing the colored fluid and causing a color change at the surface of the film.

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