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Rare Earth
Small sizes
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Prototype, test, prototype!   Our sample packs are an easy, cost effective way to familiarise yourself with our magnets.   If you're not sure what size or strength is right for you, order a sample pack and experiment until you find the perfect combination.  We are available by email to help you choose the right size magnet for your application, however, at some point you to have to get your hands dirty and try it out yourself.  While some email pointers can be helpful, you'll ultimately have to try actual magnets in your specific application.

 Small Sample Pack Contents

32 Rare Earth Magnets:
4 x # 3000 Dia 3 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 246g)
4 x # 3020 Dia 4.75 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 370g)
4 x # 3030 Dia 6 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 467g)
4 x # 3060 Dia 6 x 3mm Disc (Pull Strength 934g)
4 x # 3080 Dia 8 x 5mm Disc (Pull Strength 2.1kg)
4 x # 3100 Dia 10 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 780g)
4 x # 3110 Dia 10 x 3mm Disc (Pull Strength 1.5kg)
4 x # 3130 Dia 12 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 934g)

Also available in Medium (16 magnets) with pull strengths from 1.8 - 8.3kg.

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