Super Memo Magnets (12 magnets per Pack)

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Select Color: Red
Sale price$16.50


Sold in packs of 12!


Bulk discounts apply for 10 x Packs (any colour combinations)
(You can of course purchase more than 10 packs and the price will be discounted on each packet to the 10+ price)

Base diameter: 12mm
Height: 22mm

Available in a range of colours.

Use Super Memo magnets to organise your work and personal life! These Super Memo magnets are super strong and extremely popular! Never lose a bill, reminder or invitation again! Each unit effortlessly holds up to 12 A4 sheets on a normal fridge! These magnets can be used in workplaces, on office whiteboards, filing cabinets, warehouse racking, metallic cubicle backings, refrigerators, and more!

If you have a metal surface, you'll love using memo magnets to organise your work, home or study space! Assign meanings to different Memo Magnet colours, and use them to de-clutter, arrange and streamline your work processes! We use Super Memo magnets here at Aussie Magnets!

We know you'll love them because we use them ourselves! Super Memo magnets play an extensive role in our inventory management and order despatch systems. We use different colours to indicate certain document statuses, stock movements, and freight categories. We also use them for simply holding paperwork together in one place; Super Memo magnets are used on our office whiteboards, filing cabinets, warehouse racking, and metallic cubicle backings. Super Memo magnets keeps our office tidy and organised, and is part of the reason our ordering and shipment system is so streamlined and efficient!  

These magnets are often referred to as Skittle Magnets or Pawn Magnets

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