Coloured Fridge / Whiteboard Magnetic Buttons (Ferrite)

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Quantity: 10 Pack
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Ferrite magnet encased in colorful hard plastic on all sides.

Available in packs of 10 or 100 pieces.

Diameter 30mm x  Height 10mm

Use our Coloured Magnetic Buttons to organise your work and personal life! These Button magnets are super handy and extremely popular!  These magnets can be used in workplaces, on office whiteboards, filing cabinets, warehouse racking, metallic cubicle backings, refrigerators, and more!

If you have a metal surface, you'll love using memo magnets to organise your work, home or study space! Each button magnet comfortably holds five sheets of A4 paper onto a magnetic whiteboard, or eight sheets of paper onto a fridge or filing cabinet!

Assign meanings to different Memo Magnet colours, and use them to de-clutter, arrange and streamline your work processes! Hold and categorise letters, bills, receipts, lists, paperwork & memos together!  Write on them! Label them with DYMO/Brother label tapes! Pad-print on them, for a unique marketing device that stays on peoples fridges and filing cabinets!  

Discounts apply for Bulk orders of 1,000 pieces of each/any colour

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