Sample Pack (Rare Earth) (Medium sizes) (for Prototyping)

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Our sample packs are an easy, cost effective way to familiarise yourself with our magnets.

If you're not sure what size or strength is right for you, order a sample pack and experiment until you find the perfect combination. 

Often only the way is to get down and get dirty with a good old fashioned TESTING !!  

This Sample Pack includes 16 Rare Earth Magnets:

2 x # 3135 Dia 12 x 5mm Disc (Pull Strength 2kg)

2 x # 3160 Dia 12 x 10mm Disc (Pull Strength 6.2kg)

2 x # 3165 Dia 15 x 3mm Disc (Pull Strength 2.3kg)

2 x # 3174 Dia 20 x 3mm Disc (Pull Strength 3.1kg)

2 x # 3290 Dia 6 x 6mm Rod (Pull Strength 1.8kg)

2 x # 3330 Dia 10 x 10mm Rod (Pull Strength 5.2kg)

2 x # 3310 Dia 6.35 x 12.7mm Rod (Pull Strength 4.19kg)

2 x # 3350 Dia 10 x 16mm Rod (Pull Strength 8.3kg)

Also available in Small (32 magnets) with pull strengths from 246g - 2.1kg. See item 9000

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