Our magnets can be described by many characteristics, including size, shape, material, strength and durability. To find your ideal magnet, it helps to decide which quality is most important to your application.










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Rare Earth magnets (also known as Neodymium magnets) are 5 to 7 times stronger than Ferrite Magnets and offer the greatest value for money. They provide high energy, maximum efficiency and extreme stability when exposed to other electromagnetic fields.

Rare Earth (Neo)
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Rare Earth Magnets are the most advanced magnet with superior performance and are a logical choice when extra strength in a reduced size is important. For this reason they are commonly used in engineering, electronics and medical fields. Available in Nickel or Gold plated varieties.


Ceramic ferrite magnets, have a grey natural metallic finish. Ferrite magnets are stronger than Alnico and have much better corrosion resistance than Rare Earth. Ferrite magnets were developed as a low cost alternative to metallic magnets and have been manufactured since 1954.

Ferrite Products
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Although they provide less energy than other magnets available today (see our Rare Earth magnets for higher strength), Ferrite magnets are frequently selected for their stability, tolerance against demagnetisation, outstanding corrosion resistance and their low price per magnetic output.


AlNiCo magnets are made by mixing aluminium, nickel and cobalt with iron and are particularly suitable for temperature sensitive applications. Al Nico is the first type of alloyed magnetic material and the oldest member of the magnet family (first developed in the early 1940's).

Alnico Products
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Because of its excellent linear temperature characteristics, high magnetic flux density and good corrosion resistance, it is used for products of all sizes, from tiny cellular telephone magnets, weighing less than one gram, to radar focusing magnets weighing twenty kilograms or more.











Pieces & Tabs
Small rectangular magnets that feature a self-adhesive back. These products are commonly attached to printed marketing materials, invitations, photos and cards.
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Narrow rolls of magnetic rubber stripping in a range of widths and lengths. Available with a range of backings, such as self-adhesive, glossy white (or coloured) PVC, and plain uncoated rubber.
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Wide rolls of magnetic rubber sheeting in a range of widths and lengths. Available with a range of backings, such as self-adhesive, glossy white (or coloured) PVC, and plain uncoated rubber.
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Pre-cut sheets of magnetic rubber in standard or oversize A4 and A3. Available in both self-adhesive and white gloss PVC. Common for home, school or office use.
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Printed Magnets
Our printing service is a great way to communicate a marketing message, or to create customized labels for office whiteboards, job planning boards, warehouse racking, etc.

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Magnetic Devices

These devices harness the power of magnetism in an innovative way, helping make difficult tasks easier and much more convenient. You won't find many of these devices on the shelves of hardware stores.

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Task-Specific Products
We have a range of equipment suitable for lifting, dragging, stacking, filtering and recovering metal items. We also have products specifically dedicated to:

- Labelling
- Decontamination
- Education

We are the exclusive producers of many innovative magnetic devices, and we employ trained specialists who are well versed in magnetology and industrial design.

Custom Magnets
If you have need of a custom application or device, please contact us with your requirements to get started.

Help Centre
Aussie Magnets hosts one of the largest magnetic product knowledgebase in the world. Check our help articles for common topics and FAQ's.

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For help getting started, see our popular Help Centre article, "Which Magnet?"

Safety & Handling
It is extremely important that you read and understand our magnetic safety information. During online checkout it will not be possible to complete your order without affirming that you have read this.

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