12.5 x 1.6mm "B" Self Adhesive Stripping (Flexible Rubber)

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Size / Dimensions: 12.5mm (Width) x 1.6mm (Thickness)

Available lengths are single metres or 30 metre rolls.The dimensions of the product are measured in metric units, with an approximate "tolerance" (manufacturing margin of error) of +/- 0.05mm    

Matchpull: Matchpull type "B"(Pairs magnetically with Matchpull A)Matchpull A is a self-adhesive material, manufactured for pairing with its partner Matchpull B product.   

Thickness: 1.6mm thick Regardless of thickness, magnetic rubber cannot attract through material or an air-gap; your magnetic rubber must be in direct contact with a ferrous surface.

Magnetisation: Uncoated side only (plain brown rubber) is magnetised. The side on which the rubber product is magnetised. Rubber products must be applied with magnetic side directly onto metal surface; magnetism cannot pass through material or air-gap.     

Features:- A peel-away backing reveals the high quality 3M adhesive surface.- Matchpull A is manufactured to magnetically pair up with Matchpull B.- Matchpull type B is identified by a central groove running along the rubber strip.- Flexible rubber material impregnated with ferrous iron powder, which has then been magnetised.- Thickest 1.6mm material is the strongest and most durable rubber available.- Suitable for specialty tasks where the power of the magnetic flux is critical to the application.- Can be easily cut to size with scissors or stanley knife.- Maximum operating temperature 80°C.     

Order Units: Available in single metres, 30 metre rolls OR 8 x Rolls (1 x Carton)

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