22mm x 4mm Waterproof Rubber Neodymium Disc Magnet

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Dimensions: Ø 22mm (Diameter)  x  4mm (Thickness), Waterproof Rubber Neodymium Disc Magnet

These neodymium magnets feature a rubber coating and are suitable for permanent outdoor or underwater use. The advantages of rubber coated magnets are

  • Rust-resistance
  • Scratch Protection on delicate surfaces, such as Whiteboards or Fridges
  • Substantially higher magnetic shear force resistance compared to non-rubber coated magnets.

Please note: The rubber coating may leave dark marks when the magnet is dragged across a surface. However, such marks can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

Pull Strength: Approx 2.5kg
The approximate force (in metric units) required to remove a magnet from industry-standard 3mm thick mild steel. These "strengths" are measured using mathematical calculations, and should be used as a general guide only.    

Direction of Magnetism: "Axially"
Magnetised (top to bottom) thru 4mm thickness. The axis through which a product is magnetised. Products may be magnetised axially, diametrically or otherwise (e.g. multipole). See more about directions of magnetism at our Help Centre.    

Grade: N42
In permanent magnets, the grade refers to the materials used in the production process. Material "grades" range from low end (weaker) to high end (stronger). See more about magnet grades at our Help Centre.     

- Magnet is encapsulated in a protective steel holding pot, and covered in a durable rubber casing.
- Powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium) permanent magnet.
- Maximum operating temperature 80°C / 100°C    
- High resistance to shear force due to the rubber grip.

Order Units:
Available in individual units.
Bulk discounts available on orders of 1,000pcs or more. 

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