30mm x 6mm Rubber Neodymium Disc Magnet with 5.5mm Hole

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This neodymium magnet features a rubber coating which provides improved resistance to the elements. The advantages of rubber coated magnets are

  • Rust-resistance
  • Scratch Protection on delicate surfaces, such as Whiteboards or Fridges
  • Substantially higher magnetic shear force resistance compared to non-rubber coated magnets.

Please note: The rubber coating may leave dark marks when the magnet is dragged across a surface. However, such marks can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

Pull Strength: 3.4kg
The approximate force (in metric units) required to remove a magnet from industry-standard 3mm thick mild steel. These "strengths" are measured using mathematical calculations, and should be used as a general guide only.    

This magnet is specially designed so the magnetic force is directed towards the face featuring the recessed hole. 

- Magnet is covered by a durable rubber casing.
- Powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium) permanent magnet.
- Maximum operating temperature 80°C / 100°C    
- High resistance to shear force due to the rubber grip.

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Available in individual units.
Bulk discounts available on orders of 1,000pcs or more. 

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