500mm x 0.7mm Flexible Iron Sheet (Not Magnetic)

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Size options: Per meter
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Magnetic Receptive Flexible Plain Brown Iron - Not Magnetised.

Width 500mm x 0.7mm thick.

Available per metre or in a full 10 metre roll This material is not magnetic, but allows other magnets to stick to them as it contains high density iron powder.  Ideal for creating an instant magnetic surface. 

Ideal for making an instant portable magnetic notice board or for using in magnetic shielding applications. Flexible Plain Brown Iron is a flexible magnetic receptive material. It's not magnetic but can easily be placed on magnetic boards. This system is great as a portable magnetic display board used with permanent magnets. Easy to cut with scissors and can be bent or twisted.  Use when you don't have a ferrous metallic surface; simply attach using double sided tape.     

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