200kg Double Sided Fishing Magnet M10 Eyelets - 75mm x 32mm (Recovery Magnet)

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Experience the latest craze in 'Magnet Fishing' with our Fishing/Recovery Magnets! With a strong magnetic pull of 200kg, this rare earth magnet is perfect for finding metal treasure in lakes, ponds, dams, rivers, and creeks. Simply attach a rope to the side eyelet and swing it off a wharf, jetty or boat and trawl for treasure! You can also attach a rope to the top eyelet and drop from a wharf, jetty or boat for 'drop and lift' fishing

75mm (Diameter)
32mm (Thickness)
77mm (Overall Height with eyelet)
The dimensions of the product are measured in metric units, with an approximate "tolerance" (manufacturing margin of error) of +/- 0.05mm    

Magnetism: Double Sided
Pull Strength:
Top mount eyelet & Side Mount Eyelet (Suitable for 'trawling' sea floor and 'dropping and lifting' from a high place such as a pier, wharf, jetty or boat)

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