Eye Nut M6 Thread (For use with Pot / Rubber Magnets)

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This is a EYENUT only - No magnet included.
(Images used are examples only)

Internal M6 Thread which means in can screw onto any External M6 thread 

304 Grade Stainless Steel Construction

Eye Nut OD: 27mm
Eye Nut ID: 16mm
Overall height from flange: 29mm

Can be used with the below magnets (links open in new window)
3742 - 32 x 8mm Pot with 6mm Thread & 10mm Boss (Rare Earth)
3743 - 36 x 8mm Pot with 6mm Thread & 10mm Boss (Rare Earth)
744 - 42 x 9mm Pot with 6mm Thread & 11mm Boss (Rare Earth)
3786 - 43 x 6mm Pot with 15mm Boss & Rubber Case (External Thread)

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