HandyMagnet Wholesale Stripping

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Size options: Per meter
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Available to purchase by the meter or in a 45m long Roll

HandyMagnet is a multi-functional, all purpose, flexible magnetic storage system that you won't be able to live without.

Cut, staple, sew and tie HandyMagnet into any shape, then use it almost anywhere to keep things in order. Store stationary and documents in the office Keep track of nuts and bolts in the workshop Hang your keys in the hall Keep cables in order behind the desk Store tools in the shed Ideal for make-shift constructions

You'll find so many uses around the home and office that it's impossible for us to name them all! HandyMagnet is portable, waterproof and easily cut with scissors.

HandyMagnet strip is cut to order in metre lengths and contains approx. 12 Rare Earth magnets in each metre, encased within a malleable plastic coating 

The colour is a dark blue 

This product comes in a 45m long roll, which is the most economical way to purchase, price reduces to $22 p/meter

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