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Custom Sizes   Decontamination tubes can be custom designed and produced to suit varying sizes and requirements. Contact us for further information

Dimensions: Ø 25mm (Diameter)  x  CUSTOM mm (Length),  any attachment method you require.

Direction of Magnetism: "Diametrically" magnetised (magnetism extrudes from all sides of the tube).The axis through which a product is magnetised.     

Gauss: 8,000 - 11,000 Gauss approx (High Intensity) A measurement of surface "magnetic induction" (B), equal to one ten-thousandth of a Tesla. Gauss indicates the number of lines of magnetic flux per square centimetre, under the CGS metric system.     .     

Features:- Tube extracts ferrous contaminants from liquids/powders/etc.- Suitable for use on production lines, hoppers, tanks, pipes and conveyors.- M8 tapped ends, for mechanical attaching.- Fully welded Grade 304 stainless steel construction.- Contains high-powered Rare Earth (Neodymium) permanent magnets.- Maximum operating temperature 80°C / 100°C    

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